Testimonials from our past students:

I have been most impressed by the improvement I have noticed in the behaviour and general attitude of my daughter Karjol after she had started at Flutterbys.. She has gained thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills. With the supervision of Natalie and her trained staff Karjol has risen to great heights. She enjoyed all the activities tremendously and feedback from Natalie on a regular basis has reinforced a positive effect on Karjol and her development... Flutterbys has brought about a life changing experience in Karjol’s life...
You are in my thoughts almost every morning because Adosh still asks every morning “Going Natalie’s school?” He misses you and his friends very much. And when he sees your blue van along the way he has the biggest smile. I must bring him to meet all of you soon! My husband and I are always full of praise for the little Flutterbee that you have helped us to grow and we will never forget the positive impact you have made on our little angel. We will gladly recommend you to anyone that we meet who may benefit from your loving touch. Thank you Natalie, after reading your report I am reminded of how much progress he has made with you. Thank you for all your help so far. You are a very special person and may God Bless you and your family abundantly.
Karjol and Adosh both had speech delays and concentration difficulties. They are now excelling in their new school.
As mentioned in one of our conversations, if it were not for the circumstances that forced us to move from Midrand Qama would still be with Flutterbys. He enjoyed the school very much; he loved the teachers and his classmates. What stands out to me with Flutterbys is the commitment of the teachers and the therapies that the kids receive, as a parent I could rely on the services provided by the school and the care given during after school hours. I do recommend Flutterbys to all the parents that have kids with special needs. To the staff, continue doing the good work and God bless you.
I hope you are well; it is almost the end of the year and we just want to appreciate all the hard work you are doing. It hasn’t been easy but you and your staff are doing a great job by being there for Mika. Your good heart, patience, positivity, punitiveness and hard work mean a lot to us. Thank you for all you have done. For looking after Mika these past few years, caring for him, showing him love and teaching him. You have played a very important role in Mika’s life. The advice you gave us is very much appreciated. You will be part of Mika’s life always. Thank you so much for your patience with him and we say you have done a great job with Mika
Albert 1
Albert 2

This is Albert. Albert spent 5 years at Flutterbys for Autism. Albert has now at the age of 12 written his first book and is excelling at his new school.

Our Son, Lizwakele, started schooling in 2003 and at the beginning everything seemed fine. However by the end of the first year, it had become clear that his pace of adjusting and interpreting information acquired was rather lacking. His motor skills were not adequate for his age. We were advised to seek occupational therapy (OT). This was the beginning of a long process of meeting different OT expects who provided different reports and advice, and we couldn't see any progress. By the end of 2004, our Son was struggling at school and it appeared that the teachers had decided to 'leave him on his own devices' and (they) continued with the rest of the kids. Of course, this meant that he showed very little progress and in our discussions with the teachers, it was obvious that they had not been trained to deal with such pupils. We met with Natalie in one of the OT programmes and at that time she only had one child - Shaun.

Our Occupational Therapist suggested that we talk to Natalie and hear if she could be of assistance, as the Occupational Therapist could see that we were really struggling to find the best alternatives. When we spoke to her for the first time, what was expected to be just a discussion ended up giving us confidence that Natalie knew what she was talking about and the future looked positive. 

Natalie took our Son and within a short space of time our Son could read and write and the confidence was back. He never looked back and thanks to Flutterbys and Natalie. While we still have challenges, the base has been set-up and we are happy about our Son’s progress. He’s more confident, he is more assertive and we believe that he has learned to live with some of his challenges. We owe it all to Natalie.

Lizwakele matriculated in 2019

It was May in 2011 when one prominent remedial school in Gauteng called me for a meeting to inform me that they can’t accommodate Ilitha with his “condition” anymore. As a mother I wanted the best for him and I wanted an environment where he could be accepted and learn without feeling different from other kids. The news of his exclusion from the school were communicated in a supposedly “loving and caring manner” but to me they were very loud in my ears and sharp in my heart. I remember trying to compose myself and hold back the tears. That was one of the darkest days of my life as a mother. I decided to leave him at the school for the moment because I needed time to cry and think about a way forward without him noticing that I was sad and hopeless. I drove out of the school and after a couple of kilometers I parked on the roadside and cried my heart out.

When I got home I contacted an occupational therapist that he used to consult when still in crèche. She gave me Natalie’s number and recommended that I call her. Indeed I called Natalie who agreed that I can come and see her the same day and I drove to the school.

The school was not the fancy school I had imagined and dreamed that my first born son would one day attend. However Natalie was very warm, understanding and reassuring. From Flutterbys I drove to the other school to go collect my son. On the way I prayed that God must give me the wisdom to explain to him that he was not going back to that school again and that he was going to a new school.

During that period Ilitha was on chronic medication (Ritalin) and the old school insisted that I give it to him as they couldn’t “deal” with him. When I mentioned that  to Natalie she told me that she was against medicating kids and dared me to leave the whole matter to her. So the last Ritalin tablet my son has ever taken was in May 2011 and I never looked back because I just hated what it did to him. He was a different child when he was on that drug as a result I used to giver a lower dose than the doctor prescribed.

The first thing I noticed was that Ilitha was no longer the “hectic” little boy that he used to be even though he wasn’t on medication anymore. His confidence was getting stronger and stronger.

I remember the other day he shocked me when he looked at my Sunday newspaper and said “mommy what did Malema do this time” (Malema was forever in the news those days). So I asked him how he knew that they were talking about Malema on the news and he said isn’t this how you spell Malema. For me that was BIG my son can READ!!

Over the years he attended the school he has matured socially, academically and otherwise. He is very much like any other “normal” 10 year old

I have so much confidence in Natalie and her very dedicated team. I always recommend the school to any parent who is going through what I went through then. I believe that they are gifted in laying a foundation that is fundamental in ensuring that each child is understood and developed as an individual. This understanding boosts the kids confidence and makes them believe the sky is the limit.

The time has come for him to spread his wings and explore his new environment. Flutterbys will always be important to Ilitha and I as it was the place he was born…I bow with respect to Natalie’s vision and special gift to care and develop kids with special needs.


Thank you so much for being so wonderful and for being there for Shaun and for helping him so nicely. We really appreciate everything. You guys are really special people. Thank you so very much for being who you are; a caring, loving, kind and wonderful human being who gives all to help children in need. Thanks for all you have done for our son and helping him reach his potential. I am sure Shaun won’t forget you, your great team of teachers and his friends. All the best for the future.
Mupeta has blossomed during his stay at Flutterbys. He has grown and has improved his speech and learning abilities, however he will have to attend another school as he and his mother are relocating to Zambia. We will always be grateful to the Flutterbys team for their hardwork and love.

Wesley is another one of our stars who has moved into the mainstream. Wesley is also on the Autistic Spectrum.

I would just like to thank Natalie and all the teachers at Flutterbys for all their support in the last 2 years. Michaela and Tristan have learnt so much and enjoyed all the activities arranged by the school.
Michaela and Tristan
I am extremely grateful for the excellent work that the Flutterbys team did with my son. At 6yrs my son could not speak, could not write and we could not get him to concentrate, he was behind in his development compared to children of his age, but because of Flutterbys, he is now excelling, he has blossomed into what he was meant to be and is shining every day.
Mpilo arrived at Flutterbys in February 2019 from the Free State where there are no schools for autistic children, it was a struggle as he was in a mainstream daycare. Mpilo had temper tantrums at times and his communication was extremely low, I am lost for words on expressing how much my son has improved in short space of time, we play we talk his vocab has improved immensely, I cry tears of joy when I look at my son and how much knowledge he has gained since he has been at Flutterbys, he is now interacting with other children where he plays with them instead of isolating himself, each day I am grateful because my son has finally found a place where he belongs a place where he is loved, Flutterbys has given me hope that there definitely is light at the end of the tunnel and Mpilo’s light is shining brighter each day. I will forever be thankful to Flutterbys for allowing my son to be part of this wonderful family 😊
The centre is doing an amazing job with the kids here. Spent couple of hours on Mandela day with the kids and staff there and left the place with lots of memories. Hope the government takes notice and gives additional resources.
Prashant Varma
As the parent of an alumnus of Flutterbys Special Education & Therapy Centre, I would like to share our experience with you. Having joined in 2018, Kishan had been formally diagnosed only a few years earlier with mild autism. At the time, he was in a good mainstream school but one which was not able to fully cater for his needs. After moving him to a second school which boasted a better educational programme, we found that this institution was also sorely lacking. Quite fortuitously at the time, a family member suggested we investigate Flutterbys. Upon visiting the school, principal Natalie Jamieson welcomed us and conducted a tour of the premises and facilities. Most importantly, she provided detailed explanations of the ethos and methodology of the school in great detail. As we walked through each classroom, the neatness and cleanliness of the rooms did not fail to impress. It was clear that great focus and attention to detail is put into the design of each room to address individual challenges faced by the learners (e.g. cognitive, sensory). After the guided tour, we concluded with a Q&A session in Natalie's office, where she again fielded a barrage of queries from us as concerned parents who wanted to make an informed choice.

Suffice it to say, our visit to the school ended with us being thoroughly satisfied, and Kishan started school in February of 2018. The years between 2018 and March 2020 (before the first lockdown) saw Kishan begin his journey from a reticent and guarded young man who often had difficulty with his communication, to one who began to flourish both intellectually and socially. With the class sizes at the school being smaller and with peers who were on their journeys to overcome challenges, Kishan grew at a pace that best suited him. We must commend the teachers and staff for the skill and patience they all exhibited with the learners in guiding them on their journeys.

Additionally, the school was always proactive with communication and frequently held sessions on a variety of subjects to further educate and engage with us parents. This was a welcome initiative, as it assisted us in understanding the curriculum and made us more involved with the teaching and nurturing our children were receiving.

The final period of his attendance was between the years of COVID from 2020 to 2021. The school supported all learners ceaselessly with individual lessons via Zoom and homework to revise and practice. This period was a concerning, yet unavoidable, break from the norm; nonetheless, Kishan continued to excel. The school conducted an assessment in 2021 and after discussing the results with Natalie, we were all satisfied that Kishan’s progress had reached a stage where joining a more mainstream school was the next best step.

Kishan has now progressed to being a confident, intelligent and charismatic young man, who loves the world he lives in and the people who are part of it. He faces any challenge with a “can do” attitude and is always intrinsically motivated not just to succeed but to excel at all he does. It is our firm belief as his parents that his years at Flutterbys have been pivotal in his development, contributed to a firm foundation and will continue to stand him in good stead on his journey through life.

Kevin Pillay

I remember my first day when I came to Flutterbys, I was so distraught and frustrated, because Flutterbys was going to be a third school for Wakhile and It was really hitting me deep because I felt I was failing my son by not being able to help him. Little did I know that I had found him a home away from home. I had found him a place that can solve all his challenges. I had found him a place where he will find love and care, place that will underrstand him better and walk with him through his journey of finding himself, You guys did that to him with love, care and patience, my son would come back to school with happiness written all over his face. He could not wait for the next day to go to school. He started making friends something he never had at previous schools. They told me he was a loner he did not want to play with other kids. I was so happy and suprised when I started hearing him mentioning names of his new found friends one by one each day. I am really grateful for what you have done for my son all of you collectively as the Flutterbys team, from admin staff, teachers, assistants and transport staff, security, you guys are indeed great team and you really know what you are doing with our kids, your love and support you show to them is beyond, you have shaped Wakhile into a very big, confident, grown up boy, who is now ready to take the next step to his life by storm, I cannot wait to see him flourish after this, and wherever he goes he will hold Flutterby's flag high. Thank you very much guys for doing great job with our kids and showing love and patience towards them, God will indeed bless you all for that, please continue being great to many more to come they need you believe that coming from one of the parents. Wishing you all Flutterby's staff and your families a Wonderfull Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.
November 2023

School Creed: SUCCESS

To laugh often and much.
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children.
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends.
To appreciate beauty.
To find the best in others.
To leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition.
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.

This is to have succeeded.

“Ralph Waldo Emerson”

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