Humble Beginnings

We have so many dreams, expectations and aspirations for our children.  With a sudden diagnosis, all of those expectations are taken away. We often feel lost, confused, angry, sad, guilty and hopeless….

But there is hope and a future as bright as you planned but different. There is support, and other people going through the same experiences and challenges.


Through Natalie Jamieson’s understanding of her own learning disability, she began researching, adapting and incorporating the Montessori Method and Multisensory Remedial Techniques, whilst facilitating a very special little boy for whom the centre was eventually founded in Centurion during 2005. The centre soon began growing and with lots of love and support from friends and family relocated to Midrand in 2007. With ample space the centre is able to expand to meet the growing demand for specialized education from birth to adulthood.

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The research for her Masters Dissertation was influenced greatly by Montessori and her vision and methods relating to children with learning challenges. It was also during this time that she was fortunate to be exposed to the remarkable impact of Sensory Integration Therapy. She found that the Montessori Method, Multisensory Remedial Techniques and Sensory Integration were compatible with each other and by combining the approaches she was able to create an approach that addressed all the underlying learning areas needed to be addressed no matter what diagnosis a child has. Every functional skill a person develops requires foundation skills and it is often these foundation skills that are lacking or underdeveloped, at Flutterbys we ensure first that these skills are developed to their greatest potential.

Being based primarily on Montessori philosophy Flutterbys aims to firstly respect and love each child as an individual by catering for all planes of development (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), the Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods in a specially prepared environment that fosters security, provides boundaries aiding regulation and a motivation to learn.